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We also provide integrated solutions with our consulting partners that extend our depth of expertise. Letus introduce our business partners to you! Click on their logo to be transferred to their website...


4G Partners, LLC


4G Partners, LLC is an advisory firm that specializes in wireless communications.  All of its members are telecom executives who have been extensively involved in building international wireless companies.


The firm has a three prong approach to doing business:

  • Analyze domestic and international opportunities to define, develop and deploy new wireless companies.
  • Provide advisory services to companies in the wireless ecosystem to support the realization of their business initiatives.
  • Support optimization of existing businesses through expert modeling, management expertise and process re-engineering.


Berkshire Bridge Capital, LLC

Berkshire Bridge Capital provides strategic advisory services to venture-backed and middle market companies.

Relying on years of experience as investment bankers, private equity investors, and consults, we will: 

  • Explore, recommend and execute strategic alternatives including M&A transactions, joint ventures, restructurings and financing.
  • Work with management and the board to review and optimize the business (focus on the achievable within 1 year or less) in conjunction with a transaction.


RVWL was founded in 2002 to focus on services that deliver sales success.  We enable organizations to sell more effectively by applying tried and tested programs in three key stages of offer development:
  • Offer Readiness - the tools and processes that define and manage the qualification and delivery of new initiatives.
  • Offer Enablement - the process that aligns market opportunity with the core tenents of a proposition.
  • Sales Enablement - the process that provides the "what" and the "how" to ensure sales personnel can turn propositions into repeatable revenue.


Open Door Concepts

Open Door Concepts is a Human Resources consulting firm that will help you crystallize your organization's values as well as help you align behaviors with your goals:

  • We can help you develop a plan to manage the needs of diverse interests and talents.
  • We can provide solutions to strengthen your Human Resources programs or implement them from scratch if they don't exist.
  • We will help you train and retain the best people and teach you how to navigate through difficult conversations.

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