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Our services are structured to meet your needs and tailored to your company's size, stage of growth, and budget.

Together, we determine the appropriate combination and level of planning, execution and knowledge transfer required to augment your existing environment. Our services include:

Business Planning

     Whether you are a start-up or a mature company trying to get to the next level, business planning is a challenge.  White Hawk can assist your management team in creating or modifying a strategic plan, a business plan or your annual operating plan and budget.  These planning exercises can be effective tools for guiding your business and your employees, financing your company and/or communicating your intent to your BoD and other company stakeholders.

Go-to-Market Strategy

     White Hawk can help your sales, marketing and business development resources develop a comprehensive “go-to-market” plan that would include a market assessment by global region, competitive analysis and product positioning, partner strategy, direct and indirect sales channels, messaging, training and on-going results measurement.

Mergers & Acquisitions

     White Hawk has experience on the buy-side and the sell-side and can help your company develop its M&A strategy.  We can identify and introduce targets for both buy and sell transactions, do comparable analysis and due diligence, assist in the creation of deal points, assist in deal negotiations and help with the integration of an acquired company.

RF Engineering & Design

     Whether you’re battling interference in unlicensed spectrum, calculating link budgets, making key technology choices, designing equipment, protocols, or just trying to balance coverage, capacity, quality and capital –White Hawk has RF resources that can help.

     Our team has experience on the network side as well as with devices.  We can help with all phases of bringing radio technology to market in a profitable fashion or help to optimize your existing network and back office.

Human Resources Outsourcing

    White Hawk can provide you with all of the benefits of having a Human Resources professional dedicated to helping you with all of your HR needs.  For a small company that may not be ready for a full-time HR department, this can be a great solution.  White Hawk can establish the HR function and manage it until your company is large enough to truly need an internal HR function.  Likewise, a larger organization may decide they want to outsource the entire function, or pieces of it, for cost savings or functional expertise.

     White Hawk offers a comprehensive array of Human Resources services with custom tailored solutions to address your specific needs.

Employee Performance Optimization

     Best-of-class companies do an excellent job of evaluating employee performance, developing those employees and providing continual and structured communication regarding that development and performance.  We can help your company with a “best practice” approach that coherently blends job descriptions, performance appraisals, employee development plans and compensation into a program that maximizes the effectiveness of your most valuable assets.

Interim Executive Management & Placement

     White Hawk can provide resources on an interim basis to companies from qualified CEOs to senior management in all individual disciplines while full time resources are recruited or other changes in the business take place.  White Hawk can also take advantage of their experience and extensive “rolodexes” to help your company recruit the best and the brightest management talent available.

Program & Project Management

      Many companies may not have sufficient internal resources available to manage special, or "one-off" type projects.  White Hawk project management services can be used to manage an entire project or a specific phase of a project depending on your requirements.  Services that we can provide in this area include: project initiation; project plan development; overall project management and execution, and status reporting.

Sales Operations

While some companies use sales ops as the reporting and analysis arm of sales, others are transforming sales ops to be a strategic partner within the sales function. White Hawk can assist in boosting sales force productivity through improved processes and tools: Strategic Account Planning, Forecasting Accuracy, Competitive Intelligence and Identifying and Tracking Optimal Sales Performance Metrics, to name a few.

Operational Readiness

     Sometimes it can be useful to conduct an operational audit to determine a small company’s readiness to sell and support products to much larger enterprises.  Many times these large customers have operational requirements for their vendors or vendor qualification criteria that can be proactively addressed by an operational audit and gap analysis.  White Hawk has considerable experience in these kinds of audits.

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